Montreal wins home opener

Lot’s going on in Montreal now that Habs hockey is back.

Last night the Habs showed just what their offense can do…. they were so very aggressive early on it looked like the Bruins had absolutely no answer.

The Habs seemed to go back into their bad habits in the 2nd period, which eventually almost cost them the game. The just seemed to sit back and try to protect the lead.

What they need is to exercise their killer instinct (or better develop it) and stay strong on offense. Last night’s 3rd goal by Boston showed exactly what can happen in any game… opponent gets close while we’re playing it safe, puck gets a weird bounce…. boom… goal.

I could barely believe it… but that’s Murphy’s law. Had the Habs stayed strong on offense, they might have had another goal and Boston would have left Montreal without 1 point.

Laraque took 7 whole seconds to take on Thornton who had jumped Begin in pre-season. I’d say he remembers Philly from the last game they played.

Lapierre played very well, when he plays aggresive his speed helps him to be effective. Glad to see him score last night.

One question that I’m starting to have is.. “where is Higgins gonna be”…. who moves? I’m starting to like Koivu-Tanguay-Latendress… and that’s probably where he would go. Although, as of today’s reports, Koivu has not practiced with the team today… and the guys (PJ and Tony) on Team990 are saying that they think it’s possibly his foot which kept him from playing most of the pre-season.

I really like the energy they show when they’re being offensively aggressive, but I don’t really like seeing what they’re like when they just try to protect a lead.

Kovalev mentions this too in this RDS article, he said it best…. “they didn’t slow us down, they played a bit better but we slowed down”…

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