Habs over Coyotes and loose Andrei Kostitsyn

First off, I was stunned by that hit last night on Andrei Kostitsyn and as they replayed the hit over and over again as the night went on I was horrified at every showing…

As I saw the hit, I thought that Sauer’s arms were definately high.. hitting Andrei in the head. Although I really don’t think it was intended to be quite as malicious as the results of the hit were….
The sport of pro hockey is VERY hard hitting, the guys are so big, so strong…. and the game is so fast…. it can happen so fast.
I hate seeing anyone get hurt. I really feel for both Kostitsyns…. I can’t imagine what Sergei felt as he helped escort his brother off the ice.
The loss of Kostitsyn could definately slow down the Hab’s offense… although I still believe that there is lot’s of skill to compensate.
Of the other things that stood out in the game..
The Koivu-Tanguay-Latendress line seems to be clicking very well. Tanguay is really starting to show what he can bring and Koivu is showing some of the talent he’s always shown. As for Latendress, this a golden opportunity to show what he can do and so far he’s shown lot’s of great hard work, strength on the boards, physical play that really gives good balance along side Koivu and Tanguay… I’m impressed with this line.
Kovalev is truely a magician.. every now and then he “fumbles” the puck… but he always makes up for it. He’s got eyes all around his head and while not going 100 MPH he just twists, turns and dekes through everyone….
I still really love Tom Kostopoulos…. the guy just plain out always plays hard. He usually picks off the puck from the opposition just because of his work ethic.
Robert Lang is great in a Habs uniform. He just looks like he belongs… he’s showing that he’s got that real hockey smarts, good vision. I’m very very happy with the acquisition (as with Tanguay and Laraque).
Last night, Laraque also showed his worth. After the hit stuff started getting a little nastier… Sergei Kostitsyn took on all of the Coyotes line (not sure which line it was) after his bro went down… like how Sergei K plays… he’s got a little jam…. When Laraque came out and went into a skirmish of players… everyone backed off. It happened a couple of times. He demands so much respect. Seems like his presence really calms the “bad vibes” down… because no one really wants to face him. Sauer turned away from Laraque but decided to take on Tom K instead…. which may cosmetic value for Sauer.
Later on, Laraque schooled Fedoruk who could barely get a swing in.
Laraque’s presence makes every Hab 1-2 inchs taller and several pounds heavier.
Carey Price… he’s amazing. And I think he’ll get better as the season goes on. He’s confident.
As for the Coyotes… I think they would have had a shot, if Gretzky could have put his skates on to help his young guns….. I’m sure part of him still wishes he was playing and not coaching.
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