All-Star game impressions

I’ve heard the debates… pro- allstar weekend… and nay…

I think the all-star weekend is great. Just because it’s about having fun first and foremost.

I like watching the skills competitions, because you see a different side of the players…. they’re just loose and having fun (young guys are a bit nervous, but that’s part of the fun…).

Instead of seeing the intense emotional competition between them that we see during regular season games (which I love).. we get to see them just have fun. Together.

Like.. despite all the hoopla about Ovechkin VS Malkin that I’ve heard.. that they hate each other…. they certainly didn’t look like it this weekend. Having them hang out with Kovalev and Kovalchuck…. probably helped them out alot. Russia could (will) have a very interesting international team in the olympics.

The actual all-star game used to frustrate me a little…. just because there is very little defense played… no checking…. but, I’ve gotten over that. I watch it in the context of a pond hockey game… with the best players in the world on each side. And after Komisarek’s penalty.. we did actually have a little bit of “D” played.

I thought Kovalev’s play was great. Everyone knowns he’s got mad skillz…. this year, he’s just hitting the post or just missing his target.. that might change..

All-star MVP : Kovalev… in Montreal. Classic.

Kovalev’s first goal was a beauty and his shootout goal was no less then eye candy. I can honestly say I was thrilled that he won the MVP of the game.

I’ve been a fan of Kovalev being in Montreal since the beginning.

Also, I think Vincent Lecavalier was shown just how much Montreal fans would love to see him in a Habs uni…

Good stuff.

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