Habs + Kovalev + Playoffs + Trade deadline

Lot’s has happened since I last posted…. some ups and downs. Maybe major downs lately.

The big slump or whatever you would like to call it has sparked lot’s of emotion by Habs fans… Listening to Team990, I’ve heard lot’s of opinions… lot’s of negativity.

I find interesting that just a few months ago, so much sounded “rosie” because they weren’t doing to badly… just totally injury riddled.

Kovalev has been told to take time… so many people have put blame on him… but listen, the guy is 35 years old… almost 36 (on Feb 24th!!

Kovalev should be used in a complimentary role versus being given the role to carry the team offensively. The guy still have mad skillz….. but really….. he (and Koivu) shouldn’t be expected to carry a team’s offense.
Last year, Kovalev’s teammates were flying alot more then this year… A. Kostitsyn and Plekanec were certainly playing well last year and though Kovalev was hailed as a leader (which he certainly should be on the team in the scence of being a veteran) he was a compliment to Andrei and Tomas’s energy…..
The injuries have certainly butchered the team’s dynamic this year.. Tanguay, Koivu, Lang….etc… Crazy.
The problem is not Kovalev in Montreal. I think part of the problem seems to be that some of the younger guys who’ve been expected to come into their own haven’t played with the same flash as last year.
It seems like in Montreal, when the rumours start and the medias jump on…. the rumours burn like wild fire.

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