Team responds – Great game in Washington

If you didn’t see it, the game had the feel of a playoff performance.

The Habs really came out with lots of energy and played hard. Lot’s of guys seemed to give the effort.
Pacioretty is gonna be good… he sent a few erratic passes last night, but he’s a young player and learning… he played with energy and gave the effort.
Plekanec seemed to be energized…. in the overtime he lost the puck to Ovechkin only to hustle back stay on him and take the puck back… he also managed to step out of the way of a big hit ala Ovechkin.
Price was great. Really great to see him play well… at times Washington’s offense gets pretty strong and Price kept his team in the game.
Mathieu Schneider really looked pretty good out there…. looked like he’d been playing in Montreal for years..
The power play was hot last night. That’s a good sign.
Gregory Stewart… give this guy another contract and he’ll play next year. I could see Stewart in Montreal next year. It seems to me that Steve Begin is on the outside looking in and is likely not a part of the Habs future… which is too bad in my opinion, he’s been one of my favorites for his sheer work ethic and hard play night in and night out… but I could see Stewart take his role next year.
Stewart is young, energetic, gritty… and he tries creative moves… last night tried to flip the puck over a defender and skate by him. The move didn’t work out, but give him points for creativity and not being timid.
Kostopoulos. Give him another contract please.
Loved the game.
Pittsburg.. you’re up next!
Go Habs!

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