Gainey understands Kovalev

Over the last week, an incredible amount of stuff was written and shown on the sports networks about Kovalev and that his time was up in Montreal.

I’m always been a fan of Kovalev. And I likely always will be.
One thing always struck me… and that’s through all of this media storm in cup hungry montreal where so many people had written him off in the panic of the terrible month february has been… that probably no one knows exactly what was spoken about between Kovalev and Gainey… and quite possibly no one really knows what type of relationship they have.
Personally, I believe that Gainey and Kovalev have the highest respect for one another. Each share in being quite gifted hockey players…. some of the Russian players had called Gainey the world’s greatest hockey player years back…. and of course, Kovalev has mad skillz he can move around with the puck like no other.
I can say one thing on this subject and that’s I hope that Kovalev keeps playing with the fire he did VS the Senators…. the fans love him… and I think he holds that close to his heart. I remember last year getting his father (or trying to) to come to montreal during the playoffs because of the atmostphere.
Just read this great blog post by Robert L.. check it out.

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