Laraque thinking trade?

I was very happy when Gainey went out and signed Laraque. The way that Montreal was played by the Flyers in the playoffs and the way certain teams would take liberties… this was certainly a move that would add lot’s of toughness.

After a tough start of the year with injuries holding him back and only playing 25 games so far, seems as though he’s thinking he could be traded.
Personally, I would have played him more than Carbo has. But I’m not the coach… (I wouldn’t have changed the lines quite as much either….)
I think Laraque would just been getting into the flow with his team mates after such long stretchs of being out. But he hasn’t seen consisten regular ice time. Which is too bad.
No, I don’t think you could play him a ton every night…. but I’d still have him in the lineup more then we’ve seen.
My memory isn’t short enough to forget how the Flyers played the habs last spring and how it could very well happen again. Laraque was brought in to fill those holes…. to a level of respect in how the Habs are played.
Not sure why he isn’t played more….
Here’s a sportsnet article:
Laraque sees lack of time as a sign

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