Price in goal and the deadline is on

Been up for a while, looking at work…. 6:41 am here, 5:41 am EST.

Halak doesn’t make the trip to Buffalo because he’s sick… so Carey Price is in goal tonight.
I’ll bet that he (Price) will try and impress tonight… of course he has too.
One thing that I’ve gotten tired of is how Price has become, for some, a bum… he was the best and after a tough spell some people have written him off…
Price is in his sophmore year… he’s a young guy… and this year he was given responsibility as a No1 goaltender in the NHL.  So he’s struggled a bit in his sophmore year… gosh, he’s not the first NHLer to do so…
Like it or not, there is a learning process and for a young guy given the No1 job in a market like Montreal you can bet it’s been a learning curve unlike any he’s had in his previous goaltending duties.
If some of you out there would have been GM… Price along with many current roster spot holders would have been gone…. some for nothing and some in trade scenarios based in pure fiction.
Today, I’m hopeful Gainey will attempt to make a move to improve the team. But one thing that I appreciate about Gainey is that he will certainly measure what he’s trading VS what he’s acquiring making sure the Habs aren’t weakend long term and that they are strengthened short term.
He won’t sell the farm…. and of course a trade can be measured in different ways… short term success vs long term success…etc…
Anyway…. Game on!

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