Carbonneau fired

I’m shocked.
Not really shocked because Carbonneau was fired, but that he was fired now and not earlier.
I figured he would at least last the end of the season and then…. open season. But I guess Gainey figured it was time to send a strong message to the players. Gainey’s taking over the bench and I really think that should fire up the troops. Big time.
He’ll obviously be able to evaluate all the UFAs himself first hand being behind the bench.
This is an interesting move…. and gets me wondering about next year… and about how the team will respond tomorrow night VS Edmonton. If the players really didn’t want to play for Carbonneau anymore then they got their wish. I expect the players to come out hard for the new coach.
So this move opens the door for someone else next year.. who could it be? Bob Hartley is the name I’ve heard alot in various media shows on RDS and Team990
I think Bob Hartley would be an interesting choice… but I’m not exactly sure who my pick would be.. mostly because I haven’t spent any time thinking about it until now. I actually like Gainey himself behind the bench.
There are reports that Don Lever who is the head coach of the Hamilton Bulldogs will be joining Gainey as an assistant. Could that open the door for Don Lever?
I feel for Carbonneau. I was a big fan of his during his many years in the Canadiens uniform. Carbonneau was a true “Montreal Canadien”… I always appreciated how he worked hard… blocked shots and although he scored alot in juniors became a shutdown player in the NHL. But this season which was the centennial year in Montreal became a bit of a train wreck… and Carbo one of the casualties.
Communication problems were sighted in some reports. I think Gainey will do well as interim. This certainly adds to my already hightened interest in how the team is doing going into the playoff stretch.
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I’m sure there will be many more articles on the subject… these are the ones I’ve seen.

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