Yemelin in Montreal?

Well… it’s been a long long time since I’ve written anything…. and while I continued to watch my beloved Habs in the playoffs… I was not inspired to write a thing.

It’s only been a short time since their demise and the playoffs aren’t yet done.. but I’m experiencing slight Habs withdrawl.

The draft approachs and the numerous holes in the roster will start being filled soon.

RDS is reporting that Alexei Yemelin and the Montreal Canadiens are negotiating to have him in Montreal as early as next season.

And so it has begun… with the signing of Dany Masse‘s signing earlier this month…

Now on Yemelin… I think it’s some good news…. a great young prospect who represent’s (in my opinion) something that the Habs were really lacking this season. A physical stay at home D-man.

We saw many times how opposing teams would have it a bit to easy in front of Carey or Jaro. Yemelin would add some youthful energy and some general nasty-ness that is needed in Hab-Land.

Another interesting little bit…. Yemelin’s hometown is Togliatti (in Russia) which is where Alex Kovalev is also from.

I honestly can’t wait for the draft, then the prospect camps…. then the pre-season… then the season!!! Go Habs!

(Here’s Togliatti on a map)

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