A clarification on Kovalev

Yesterday, I had written an email to PJ Stock over at the Team990 about Kovalev being in Ottawa. And as I’m not writer, I think I came out sounding a bit harsh.

Basically, I’ve always loved Kovalev in Montreal. I would have gladly taken him back.

I’m actually a bit sad to see him go… and according to reports, he did want to stay in Montreal… and Gainey did want him back. A lack of communication it seems.

Now, one thing that I don’t understand is that while people have been to the streets in Montreal prior to his (Kovalev) signing in Ottawa, in attempts to convince Bob Gainey to sign him, is that while he was a member of the Canadiens, I would often hear and read comments by people calling him the best player on the face of the earth… and other comments calling him a bum.

The opposite ends of the spectrum.

We all know that Kovalev is likely one of the very top skilled forwards in the world. I don’t think there is any doubt. But, consistency has dogged him.

Mind you, last year has been called a disappoint… but it was far better then the 2007-2008 season. Statiscally, I don’t think it was that bad a year. Since the whole team seemed to go down the drain at the mid-way point. People just see what talents he has and believe (or expect) that he should carry the team… be the offensive leader.

And while some people were calling to put the “C” on Kovalev in Montreal. I’m not so sure. In a way, if he would have signed, it certainly would have been major motivation for him. In another way, I would put the “C” on someone who brings it every night without a doubt… someone who buys into the system the team is playing… etc.

Kovalev might indeed have been a good captain and player in Montreal for the proposed 2 years / 10 Million. But, we’ll never know.

Alex, once again. Have a great year in Ottawa. Loved your time in Montreal and I will keep watching you play for Ottawa. But I hope you understand, I gotta cheer against you when you’re playing against Montreal…. ;-)

No hard feelings right??

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