Guillaume Latendresse, the one year deal… here’s your chance

So Guillaume signs the 1 year deal and it’s reported to be slightly less then what he was making this last season.

He obviously didn’t have much bargaining power this year as he was not eligible for salary arbitration. So the fact that he’s making a little less then last season (it’s reported to be slightly over $800k) doesn’t surprise me but the 1 year deal did at first.

Since I’ve thought about it a little more (not a whole lot mind you) I think it makes a little sense. Maybe it does for both parties.

By signing this 1 year deal this will give Guillaume a whole lot to prove this year. Next summer he’ll be eligible for salary arbitration and if he wants a raise then he’ll have to prove that he deserves one. He’s already come out and said that he wants to play a bigger role on this new team so in a sense I think the deal could be good for him. He’ll have more say (probably) in whether he gets a raise or not next year.

For Gainey I think it’s a conservative move going into next season. I think it will allow them to take stock of what they expect out of him and is he living up to the role they want him to play. Does he fit in the current/future plans of the team.

I’m cheering for Latendresse this year. I’m hoping he can find a way to put some more points up. I’m also hoping that he uses his 230 lbs 6’2 frame to play some hard checking hockey.

From what I’ve read, he’s continued to work on his skating and I’m sure he was relieved to make the playoffs last year…. and get that 2nd half of the season out of the way.

Guillaume is still a young player at 22 years old. Won’t be 23 until playoff time next season.

Hoping he fits well with the new lineup.

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