Brian Gionta plays big

So by now we’ve all heard about ESPN’s predicting that the Montreal Canadiens would miss the playoffs this year. If you haven’t, All Habs have the eastern conference predictions here.

And I’m sure that many of you have heard how Gainey went out and got smaller (at least at first… since then he’s actually made the team bigger and tougher).

Well, one guy who has been mentioned as a new UFA signing and as many have said of him that his “offensive production” has been down the last 3 years… his name is Brian Gionta. I thought I would spend a little bit to get to know him a little better by numbers and try to see a bit more of him in action.

When I looked at his numbers here’s what I saw:

2005-2006 – 82 Games – 48 G | 41A | 89 P | +18
2006-2007 – 62 Games – 25 G | 20A | 45 P | – 3
2007-2008 – 82 Games – 22 G | 31A | 53 P | +1
2008-2009 – 81 Games – 20 G | 40A | 60 P | +12

As we can see, he had his big season in 05-06 where he scored 48 goals and 41 assists for 89 points. Super year.

The next year, he missed some games in an otherwise quite durable career if we were to look at previous years as well as the ones I’ve listed.

Gionta certainly has not produced as much as that super year back in 05-06. But, although his goals have gone down in the last 3 years… his assists are up the last 2 (and of course points totals) as were his +/-.

Gionta at 30 years of age still has some good years ahead. And if Jacques Martin puts him in a system that was similar to the one he played in with the New Jersey Devils along side a familiar player like Gomez… then who knows. I think with the right linemates and system, Gionta can score some goals. I have no doubt.

One thing I like about Brian Gionta is that he plays bigger then he is to. Check out these videos… Gionta will stand up for himself. And that’s important.

Gionta vs Comrie

Gionta vs Marchant

Gionta vs Chara

Winning or losing these fights are irrelevant.. the point is that he’s got a little sandpaper in him.

And here’s a few goals by Gionta:

So welcome Brian Gionta!

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