The Hockey News interview with Mike Cammalleri and some thoughts on the new team

I just watched the video of The Hockey News interview with Mike Cammalleri. The interview is 6 minutes and 57 seconds long.

When I first loaded the page up, I thought that Cammalleri looked good in the vintage Montreal Canadiens uniform.

I thought Cammalleri was a good move for sure…. but the more I watch youtube clips, saw him on OTR on TSN…. and with this interview I gotta say I like the Mike Cammalleri signing more and more.

Cammalleri seems to be well spoken and from what I heard he said some pretty interesting things about the new lineup. When asked about the identity of the new Montreal Canadiens lineup he, as well as Ken Campbell, weren’t too shure on what the identity was but as their conversation went Campbell talked about Bob Gainey acquiring guys who are hard workers and who have experience winning… and some playing together.

Then Cammalleri said they may have touched on what the identity of the team is actually going to be. I thought something similar as I learned a little more about these guys. They’re starting to look more like a team who shows up every night and plays hard.

Not to take anything away from last year’s lineup (and some prior years) but that wasn’t quite their reputation. Alex Kovalev certainly hasn’t been known as a player who would bring it every night and the team in general last year had such a major meltdown that they would just stop competing.

I think Cammalleri is just the kind of guy who we should have in Montreal. He wants to compete… he wants to win… he knows how hard the city can be…. he really seems to appreciate and respect the hockey tradition…. and he understands the pressure of playing amidst a rabid hockey fan base and the “occasional” love-hate relationships that some fans have with their players.

Here’s the link to the video:
One-on-One with Habs sniper Mike Cammalleri

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