Scott Gomez and the Corsi number for last season

While reading “Corsi Numbers vs Plus/Minus” over at I got a little interested in maybe doing a little research and crunching some numbers. There’s one problem though…. I’m trying to get some other work done.

As luck would have it though, I stumbled across another article over at BleacherReport that talks about the Rangers – Habs trade that brought us Scott Gomez.

This article shows a chart that was created and rated Scott Gomez 17th overall (Corsi number stat). If you check the list his name appears in some pretty good company.

I believe Scott Gomez will have a good year this season. I think he’ll be playing more regularly with guys who will be able to finish his plays. Cammalleri, Gionta, Andrei Kostitsyn (unless one of those rumours comes through). He’ll have better surroundings then a fading Marcus Naslund or Callahan. At least I think he will.

Just remember, some people were laughing at Gainey for taking Kovalev who had faded in NY. Love him or hate him, Kovalev had an impact in Montreal and a career year for himself.

I believe Gomez has it in him too. He’s younger then Kovalev was when he came over….

Anyways, take it for what you will. I think some of the experts will be wrong again this year.

That’s just my opinion. Thank God I’m not an expert.

I’m just a hockey fan.

You can find the article titled “Inside the Numbers: Scott Gomez for Chris Higgins+ Ryan McDonagh” over at BleacherReport where the author not only talks about the Corsi number but compares the Gomez trade.

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