Player comparison – Koivu vs Moore

Since I got hooked in reading some forums over at the Montreal Canadiens website I got into some discussions.

I participated a bit more in the “Should Koivu’s number be retired” article I wrote earlier.

I did a little comparison just for fun. The reason for this comparison was that I’ve seen some people state that Saku Koivu’s performance over his career was “sub par”. So I’ve compared him to the great Dickie Moore.

Here’s the comparison as I wrote it in the forum’s thread

I’m still trying to figure out why some people are thinking Saku was “sub par”.

I’ll trespass into the nostalgic for fun and lets compare 2 players and where they rank in the history of the Montreal Canadiens.

Saku Koivu totals – playing in the dark ages
Games played : 792 – 19th all time
Goals scored : 191 – 27th all time
Assists : 450 – 6th all time
Points : 641 – 10th all time
Career point per game : 0.80

Dickie Moore totals – playing in a golden age
Games played : 654 – 28th all time
Goals scored : 254 – 14th all time
Assists : 340 – 16th all time
Points : 594 – 13th all time
Career point per game : 0.90

The point of this is to compare Koivu to a legendary Habs player who had his number retired keeping in mind who Dickie Moore had to play with..

Some of Dickie Moore’s team mates?
Rocket Richard, Elmer Lach, Bernard Geoffrion, Doug Harvey, Émile Bouchard,Jean Béliveau, Henri Richard, Ralph Backstrom, Bobby Rousseau

Those were some of Dickie Moore’s team mates for many years.

Who could we compare to those players that played with Koivu for the last 13 years.
Not many.

Saku’s point per game is just below Moores average. I’ll bet a dollar if Koivu would have had a Rocket and a Belliveau or an Elmer Lach… his average would be a bit higher.

I honestly can’t understand how some people have stated that Saku’s performance has been sub par. Because in the history of the habs, his numbers speak quite the opposite.

If you don’t like him. That’s ok.

But please acknowledge what he’s accomplished without the team that our many greats have had.

How do you see Koivu’s career in Montreal historically? Think he deserves a look?

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