Question – Should Koivu’s number be retired?

I recently joined the Montreal Canadiens forums and have enjoyed reading through some of the threads and discussions going on over there.

On thread kind of struc me.

Should #11 be retired?” is the name of the thread and there is a poll attached to it.

I was kind of surprised at first that it would be discussed so early, but then after reading for a minute I was no longer surprised… I mean, we’re Habs fans right? (at least some of us are.. if you’re not and reading this site… welcome!)

So the discussion rages. Some say no, some say yes….

One of the points I saw on there was that Koivu doesn’t warrant it because his production over his career in Montreal isn’t “super”.

Well, I guess I disagree a bit for what it’s worth.

There’s a difference between the Habs of the mid/late 90s, the Habs of the 2000s and the Habs of the 70s, the 60s…etc.

Traditionally, the Habs have had some very strong teams for many years. Some of the other legendary Habs were surrounded by other “legends”.

Koivu really doesn’t have to many players who played along side him that stand out to me as being future legends.

Early in his career just after the 93 cup he had some talent around him with Damphousse..etc.. At the end of his tenure with the Habs he had Kovalev and Tanguay.. played well with Higgins and Ryder when used together.

But there many years that he was just on a struggling team. No doubt about it.

Here’s how he finishes his career all-time in the canadiens uniform:
2nd longest serving captain
5th power play goals
6th in assists
7th game winning goals
8th short handed goals
9th minutes played
10th in points
19th games played
27th goals scored

And he managed to put up with more crap then anyone I know with class.

It’s my opinion that he deserves a fair look at having that number 11 retired. Some say his production wasn’t “super”. But I’m not sure just how good he was expected to be on a mediocre team for so many years.

Saku, I think you deserve it mon capitaine.

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