Montreal’s secret weapon – Andrei Markov

Montreal Canadiens v Philadelphia FlyersOk, Andrei Markov isn’t exactly a secret in the NHL… after all he’s a 2 time all-star. But when it comes to hearing lots of hype about a player being a monster or the real thing… there’s just not much hype around Markov.

I just read this article titled “Why Andrei Markov should be the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens” and generally enjoyed where the writer took it.

One thing the author mentioned is “Markov plays a very quiet game“. Odd but I agreed.

It’s odd because there’s a certain paradox at play with Markov. Here’s how he matched up against the other defensemen in the league.

In 2008-2009 :
1st in assists with 52 (Rafalski was 2nd with 49)
2nd in points with 64 (Mike Green 1st, playing with Ovechkin)

In 2007-2008:
4th in goals with 16
6th in points with 58 (remember that dynamite PP?)
7th in total points

And he’s already ranked 7th all-time in points in a Montreal Canadiens uniform for defensemen.

The paradox in the statement that Markov is kind of a quiet player is that his numbers are huge. 2 years in a row and on 2 very different teams he’s been amongst the league leaders.

Interesting that the last couple of years I started to hear the analysts saying that Alex Kovalev was Montreal’s most talented player but Andrei Markov was Montreal’s best player. Because really it’s true.

For all the hype that Kovalev got he just wasn’t the gem of a player that Markov has been. Kovalev has been called a game breaker or game changer but I believe that Markov has been every bit as much of a game changer. Probably even more so. Because his puck moving skills rarely take the night off. And not only that he rarely took a bad penalty last season.

I’m starting to warm to the idea of Andrei Markov being the next captain in Montreal. The skill and consistency that he’s shown certainly warrant the opportunity. He might be a silent leader. I don’t think that’s good or bad depending on who the assistants are.

I’m not sure how much it’s been mentioned as alot of the current attention has been given to our new UFAs like Cammalleri who is a new fan favorite in Habs shirt sales. Lot’s has been said about seeing Cammalleri speeding in with the shot from a Gomez setup…

But how about the thought of Cammalleri, Gomez… all these guys being setup by Andrei Markov.

Because you know it’s gonna happen.

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