Are the 2009 Habs small?

I thought I would just write a little article mentioning this and also posting a link to an interesting article.

Are the Montreal Canadiens lineup of 2009-2010 small?

Some have called them smurfs… I saw a couple of Leaf blogs really poking fun at the idea.

Well, a blogger over at has run some averages… something I was interested in doing and never got around to.

If we’re comparing the Canadiens vs the Maple Leafs, he’s the outcome:
Forwards: Montreal is on average 1 inch shorter but have 7 lbs on the Leafs on average
Defense: Montreal averages 1 inch taller and 4 lbs bigger.

The Montreal Canadiens have 1 small line if Gomez, Gionta and Cammalleri are teamed up. That’s it really.

So I guess for all the fun some are poking @ the Canadiens being so small… yeah, we’ve got a possible small line. But we’re still bigger then you on average.

You can find the entire article I’ve referred to here:

Myth Busting the Leafs and ‘truculence’

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