This Montreal Canadiens blog has a rebirth!

Since starting this blog I’ve spent alot of time listening to and reading Habs news, reading lots of blogs by both fans and writers as well as looking at player/team statistics.

All the while I really started enjoying trying to write about my favorite hockey team the Montreal Canadiens.

Writing is not something I’ve ever studied and it’s not something that I’ve spent much time trying to improve. During my years in school I was certainly not a very attentive student.

But since starting this blog I’ve found it a very fun experience. Writing and reading about something you love is probably something more people should do.

I was considering transfering my blog over to a hosted wordpress blog and finally decided to take the plunge. Finding a very good deal was part of my recent decision to do it.

Now that I imported all of my blogger account to this new WordPress version and spent lots of time yesterday fixing how I wanted my categories vs tags set up, I’m ready to start concentrating on blogging.


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