Thoughts on Alex Kovalev interview

As I watch this interview with Alex Kovalev a few things go through my head.

He loved Montreal

Playing in Montreal for the Canadiens has to be a tough job at times. Really…. it’s a tough place for guys to play, but I really believe his heart was in Montreal.

Ask Saku Koivu and I’m sure that he’ll tell you about the challenges… actually, there are some interviews out there where he mentions the pressure..etc. He’s not the only one to talk about it either. They pretty much all have.

After seeing this interview, I really believe Kovalev wanted to stay and finish his career in Montreal. First question he’s asked starts with  “Are you happy…”.

Kovalev had many many fans in Montreal. He could “wow” the crowd at times with his amazing skill with the puck… great passes and a great shot. He also did alot in the city for charity.

Kovalev also had his critics, as everyone does, in Montreal. If you’ve followed different sports media you’ve probably heard some call for Kovalev to be traded over and over again….. it seems like at times certain players fall into a “love ‘em or hate ‘em” category. Kovalev was in that category for some.

All nostalgia aside, because I am geniunly looking forward, I think it’s pretty special in today’s NHL that a guy like Kovalev who’s got a ton of natural talent and can pick from a few teams will want to stay in a place that can be so tough on players.

I’ve got a ton of respect for Kovalev. He was one of my favorite players. Frustrating to watch at times but that frustration only stemmed from the fact that I saw his enormous talent and he didn’t always live up to my expectations. I will assume that many others were frustrated in that same way.

I believe he wants to come back

Watching the video he openly talks about it… coming back to play some more NHL hockey in Montreal. Mentions retiring as a Canadien.

Now watching the video yeah, I do believe that Alex Kovalev would like to retire a Hab. But when he starts playing in Ottawa he might enjoy it there too. Ottawa fans love their hockey too and I seriously doubt there’s as much pressure in that hockey market. So although Alex feels that way today he will likely warm to Ottawa quite a bit.

If anyone hasn’t seen it, you can view the Alex Kovalev interview here.

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