2009 Habs Rookie camp is underway

The new hockey season is now so very close. If you’re anything like me at this time of the year seeing your favorite hockey jerseys being worn in practice is…. well… satisfying… a bit.

Although it’s just rookie camp every year the veterans are also starting to get warmed up.

I love seeing clips of the young guys going through the drills and catching a glimpse of some future roster players.

Detroit Red Wings v Montreal Canadiens
There’s  a couple of videos over on the RDS website that shows clips of the rookie camp drills. It also shows that there are some vets out there on the ice between the rookie work outs.

One thing I noticed right off the bat….

Man, P.K. Subban can really skate… check out the videos and you’ll see him skate backwards with the puck in a drill. Can’t wait to see you in the pros P.K. Keep workin’ hard and we’ll see you soon!

Scott Gomez, Max Lapierre, George Laraque, Mike Cammalleri were a few of the Montreal Canadiens roster players on the ice getting warmed up and getting to know each other for the upcoming season. I know it’s really close to camp but I’m glad to see these guys on the ice. Especially Gomez and Cammalleri.

Gomez seemed to go to Montreal early to get his place and start to get to know the place. While again there was much gripe about his contract, Gomez is a VERY highly skilled player and just for the simple fact that he showed up early in the summer and has been on the ice @ Brossard a few times has me optimistic about him. I believe Gomez really does have something to prove and he’s wanting a “new beginning” so to speak…. as his tenure in New York just didn’t go over as I’m sure he’d hoped.

Cammalleri… there’s gonna lots of pressure on him. His jerseys were big sellers right off the bat and everyone knows he’s got offensive skill. Let’s hope that people are gonna keep their expectations about him realistic though. Is he going to lead the league in goals? No. Is he going to lead the league in points? No.

Do I believe that Cammalleri can be a top offensive player in the league? Yes. I certainly do.

What I’m saying about Cammalleri and for the team really is “let’s not expect the world of them until they start to play and we see exactly what the chemistry is“… I think there’s some great potential offensively for the Habs. They’re younger, I think they may be a bit strong offensively… and the dressing room atmosphere is likely to be much better then last year.

We’ll soon start hearing reports on the rookie camp… and not only that but we’ll be hearing reports on the full blown training camp very soon!

Can’t wait people!

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