Pre-game thoughts: Montreal Canadiens vs Florida Panthers – First pre-season game

We’re just a few hours away from the first pre-season game for the Montreal Canadiens this season! For some of you, if you’re anything like me, it’s been a long time coming. Since the last playoff game back in the spring I’ve been thinking about these first pre-season games.

Here are a few pre-game and really “pre-season” thoughts.

2009 NHL Entry Draft, Rounds 2-7Bob Gainey

Alot has been said about the Montreal Canadiens over the last few years, from the highs to the lows and everything in between.

This season is a departure in many ways for the franchise in the sense that the team has really been rebuilt with several longtime players leaving and several new faces coming in with multiple years left on contract. Maybe unlike previous years, this team is now Gainey’s team. From top to bottom his hand has been involved in one way or another in regards to management, coaching drafting, trading and UFA signings in forging the team we will see tonight and this season. In radio call in shows and internet banter I’ve seen and heard Gainey being called both a genius and some calling for his head.

This is an important year for Gainey in Montreal. There has been no shortage of criticism this summer about these off-season moves… hindsight will tell us the good and the bad. It’s the nature of the job.

We get to see the first glimpse.

USA Olympic Mens Ice Hockey Orientation Camp

Scott Gomez

Scott Gomez came to Montreal in a big trade prior to July 1st and with him came a big contract. I, along with others, didn’t really like this trade. But to be quite honest I’ve really warmed up to having Scott Gomez in Montreal. He seems to carry himself quite well and seeing him play and learning a bit more about him there’s no denying that he’s a really talented hockey player. He can really pass the puck.

Scott Gomez may very well have something to prove in Montreal and it’s not far fetched to think that he could rebound from his time with the New York Rangers. We once had another fellow that was dubbed “Kovy” come from the big apple after basically being written off…. this “Kovy” fella played a career year in Montreal.

Scott, if you read this buddy…. I’m hoping you look good in the uniform bro… glad to have you aboard!

Calgary Flames v Toronto Maple LeafsMike Cammalleri

Mike Cammalleri was one of the big UFA names out there this summer and it was a pleasant surprise when I heard he signed in Montreal. Cammalleri is an offensive weapon… there is no doubt.

A big knock some people had on Cammalleri… maybe more so by some critics was that he couldn’t score without Iginla. But checking his stats…. it’s quite easy to see that it’s not quite true. And the possibility of having a guy like Gomez feed him the puck is promising.

Mike…. Glad to have you aboard man!!!

Other thoughts

Of the guys in uniform tonight, there are a few others that I think have an important year in front of them.

Andrei Kostitsyn showed lots of promise 2 years ago with Kovalev and Plekanec. Being on a line with Gomez and Cammalleri could be very beneficial to him. I mean, tonight, it’s just a pre-season game. But it’s a line that we could very well see on a regular basis this year. Both Kostitsyn and Cammalleri have a pretty good shot while Gomez is a superb passer.

Andrei, make the best of the opportunity!

Carey Price will certainly be looking to bounce back and I think he’ll be able to put last year behind him. Plus Martin’s tighter defensive system should help him alot… at least that’s what I think.

P.K. Subban…. all I’m gonna say is you’ll likely find your way into the lineup soon, you’re a great young player and if you spend the year in Hamilton we’ll see you next year. But there’s a chance we could see you from time to time in Montreal. Keep it up bro!

Mr. Desharnais, I like how you’ve continued to prove everyone wrong at every level. Keep it up!

Guillaume… this is an important year for you. I hope that we see many hard checks and some of that scoring touch around the net.

We’re almost there… the puck drops soon!!!

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