Canadiens vs Bruins – Game highlights and comments

Though the Canadiens lost last nights game against the Boston Bruins there were many positives in the game.

Some players were certainly making the best of their pre-season games….

A couple of these guys are both similar and quite different.

Brian Gionta is having a great pre-season. Last night he continued to play hard… making offensive plays and getting back to play defense. I’m thinking that Jacques Martin must love having a guy like Brian in his lineup.

Not only that, but even though he’s 5’7 he continues to venture in front the opposing team’s net…. last night he was involved in a couple of “scrums” and received a face wash or 2. The last pileup in front of the Bruins net had him lying on his back while stacks of Bruins players lie on him.

He’s a great character player and that kind of attitude might spread to certain others in the lineup.

Another guy that I’m very impressed with is David Desharnais. Desharnais is very similar to Gionta in that he’s a small player that possesses great hockey skills.

Last night I saw Desharnais go in the corner to battle for pucks (and win some battles), make passes, come back on defense to take the puck away from a couple of Bruins players….. just great to see.

You can tell (or at least, I believe) that he “wants it”… David is playing like he’s hungry to make this team. I’m sure he’s faced all the adversity that a guy like Gionta has (or Martin St Louis).. “you’re too small”…etc.

I’ll share with you an opinion. I believe a player can be too small to play in the NHL… but only if he plays small (or soft). Some guys at 6’2 play too soft.

One thing about Gionta, Desharnais, Cammalleri and Martin St. Louis is that they are small… but they don’t play that way. They play hard.

I think that’s the difference.

And finally, last nights highlights

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