Mission number 5 of 2009 about to begin…. thinking aloud

As I write this, I’m watching the early CBC game… watching the Penguins play with the Leafs.

I’ve had a really busy few days… but I’ve been thinking about this game tonight.

Seems as though there were so many questions coming into this season and to be honest I thought maybe some of them would start to be answered a few games into the season. Maybe that’s just some childish thinking on my part. But as the season has started, I’m just really left with many more questions then answers!

The 2 first games of the season seemed to open up so many more “un-answerables”….

I don’t think there is much chance that Gainey could ever fill the hole left by Markov’s injury. Not even with a major trade. And of course Gainey did move to sign Marc-André Bergeron.

So just how will Bergeron fit into this defensive core? Not that they’ve looked really well tuned yet…

Will he provide a spark on the Power Play?

Plekanec has been playing well…. how do we get A. Kostitsyn going??? Can we???

Looking at tonight’s game… how will they play?

I want to see a team come out and play hard, skate hard, hit hard, make simple passes….. hopefully well positioned defense in front of Price.

While there are many questions about team chemistry, lines, defense and their play has at times looked disorganized… there have been some positives.

Gionta, Cammalleri and Gomez have been rather positive. Althought not always firing on all cylinders they shown some great skill… lot’s of promise.

Another positive is that in my opinion, this team so far has not let itself be pushed around. At it’s core, that’s a difference.. a big difference. Whereas some have kept talking about how small they are…. it’s one line that’s under sized. If Andrei Kostitsyn hits, he’s got a solid check. And though that second line isn’t particularly “tough” in way of fighting, at least they haven’t played “small”… seeing Plekanec pushing and shoving is encouraging. At least to me.

The 3rd and fourth lines have shown some grit. Big Georges, Stewart, Moen, Latendress, Lapierre, Chipchura….

So… mission #5. Tonight. Edmonton. Game on!

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