What’s with all the fuss at 2-5??

Listening to some stuff going on you’d swear it was February and the team was looking like they were going to miss the playoffs.

Not sure why but it almost seems to me that expectation is always so high. When the “new” guys were being signed, I didn’t expect a whole lot to happen during those days… but I must admit that after the summer was over I did feel a certain optimism. There were new players with both offensive and defensive skill.

Going into tonight the Canadiens have lost 5 straight and perhaps it feels a little worse because they started out with 2 wins in a row.

But let me ask a couple of questions…

Who among you thought they would be at 6-1 at this point??

Who among you thought they would be at 5-2 at this point??

Who among you thought they would be at 4-3 at this point??

Did anyone believe they would have won them all??? Really??

We’re only 7 games into this new season. And we’re talking about a team who haven’t just been re-tooled when it comes to the players on the roster, but the coaching staff has also undergone a facelift.

For me, this means that the familiarity that the players returning would have felt has also (pretty much) been taken away.

We’re really looking at an organization that has experienced change as few have.

I, for one, am not feeling panic at all and I’m certainly not going to throw criticism at Mr Gainey 7 games into a season where there have been so many changes. There was consensus among many that with the changes made, the team did get younger and are set up with a core group of guys for a few years to come. Gainey did display good strategy in changing the players on his roster.

However good or bad these players come together in the next 10 games is really anyone’s guess.

Are you feeling really stressed about this Habs team and the fact they are 2-5?

Well, if you are, I assure you that all is not lost and there is no need for widespread panic. At least, there is no need if you want to stay level headed. If you feel like freaking out, then by all means, be my guest.

Sure, I’d love to see the Habs win every game. But that doesn’t happen. I’d love to see them have a great team every year, month, week…. but that doesn’t happen either.

I’m concerned at this point.

But it’s important to note that the season has just begun and it’s a normal occurance that a team comes out of the gates slowly. For a variety of reasons, this happens.

This is not a straight comparison but it’s to be looked at through the context of an NHL season. The Penguins were 3 points out of a playoff spot last season after 57 games! Anyone remember that??

The Habs are NOT the penguins. But an NHL season is 82 games, not 7.

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