Sergei Kostitsyn – Will he stay or will he go?

Los Angeles Kings v Montreal CanadiensI remember when we first saw Sergei in Montreal during the first batch of pre-season games 3 years ago. In that pre-season stint, I was impressed and I remember Carbo saying how it was hard to send him to Hamilton.

We didn’t have to wait long and Sergei was called up to play in Montreal.

Fast forward a few years and here we are.

Sergei Kostitsyn had a place on this roster. There is no doubt. But there’s been this kind of cloud hovering above him since last season.

Last year all the media (well not ALL the media, but some media certainly) were finding new issues every couple of weeks…. Kostitsyn’s name was mentioned along with the word “party”…. and then later on he and brother Andrei were thought to be involved with some shady figures in Montreal (along with Hamrlik).

Sergei had been demoted after all that stuff came about… but even before that the Habs team were sinking fast. I’m not sure if half the team just stopped playing for Carbo or what…. but there had been whispers of attitude problems.

This season, Martin made it clear that he wanted to run a tighter ship… the boys better work hard…. etc.

Right off the bat Sergei got himself in the bad books.

I’m not an “insider”. I’m a fan. I watch every game I can which comes close to all the games. I follow reporting on the team…etc.

From what I’ve seen the last 2 years I’m assuming that in fact Sergei does have some growing up in the sense that he needs to learn to take directives from his boss. From the coach and from the GM.

In hockey it’s not like boxing. You’ve got teammates. It’s a team sport. And in most team sports you have a coach that analyzes his players, what their strengths and weaknesses are and not only a general team strategy but a game per game strategy.

Sergei also decided to “force” management to trade him by not reporting. Honestly Sergei, what would have been the big deal to work hard in Hamilton? There’s a spot for you on the roster dude. But here’s the deal….. it’s not gonna be handed to you because you have potential. When you’re potential comes into fruition with work ethic then you deserve the spot. I have no doubt that you would have earned that spot much sooner then later.

But at this point even the title of my blog post kind of “erks me”… because the possibility of Sergei staying has gotten very slim to none.

Now if you’re reading this you may have heard the various rumors. I don’t really write rumors and rarely write about them but one rumor has the Kostitsyn’s going to LA for Frolov. I don’t mind that deal if it ever happened.

I’m always hoping that Andrei finds his “overdrive”.. but he hasn’t as of yet. Sergei just doesn’t want to listen to his boss or so it seems.

How long does Gainey wait?

Frolov would be a low risk acquisition because he is UFA at year’s end.

Personally, I wish all of this would just straighten around… Andrei starts putting up points… Sergei works hard comes to Montreal and helps the team’s offense… and we all live happily ever after.

But do you think that will happen??

Maybe after all this I just need a bigger cup of coffee….

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