We’ve got a couple of Giants

Montreal Canadiens v Toronto Maple Leafs

Watching the Canadiens vs the Rangers last night was a treat. It went through all the emotions…. from elation and excitement to uncertainty and slight fear (well ok… maybe no fear… right?). But when the chips were down the Habs managed to come back from 2 goals down (twice they were down by 2 goals) and eventually win the game.

I saw what I began to see ever since these hit the ice in training camp. A play hard attitude, never back down, desire to win…..

But from what I’ve heard from some tv analysts and some writers, you’d swear that this “experiment” of Bob Gainey’s would surely flop. The theme of of some game highlights and video replays have referred to some of them as “the smurf line”…. their physical stature is often referred to…. Even before CBC broke to commercial just before the game was about to start there was a mention of how many inches the Gomez-Cammalleri-Gionta line gave up to their opponents.

I’m not sure I can take it seriously anymore. And what I mean is that if someone asks Gomez (again) how he or they (their line) will deal with being smaller then their opponents I’m going into “don’t take interview seriously mode”….

I’ve missed one game since the beginning of training camp and I’ve noticed some consistencies here.

Brian Gionta and Mike Cammalleri don’t care (I’ll assume they don’t) if you think they’re small. They don’t care if you think that being a foot shorter then Hal Gill will make it harder for them to be effective and succeed in the NHL.

While you’re worrying about those things Brian Gionta and Mike Cammalleri are playing some great hockey.

Brian’s averaging 3.5 shots per game through 10 games, he’s got 4 goals 2 assists and is +4.

Mike’s averaging 4 shots per game through 10 games, he’s got 5 goals and 6 assists and is +3. And imagine… Mike must have forgotten the golden rule that he wouldn’t produce without Jerome Iginla as some of you suggested.

And while you’ve been worrying about their size, both Mike and Brian have not shied away from going into the corners after loose pucks…. and usually come out with it outplaying their adversaries about 50% of the time (just an estimate friends). Heck… they’ve even skated back on defense and pick pocketed their opponents.

They have both won over many fans in Montreal with their work ethic.

Of course, while you were worrying about how small they are, they’ve had pretty fine careers up to now. Let’s hope they don’t listen to you worry. It would probably be a waste of their time as they’re currently playing in the NHL…. and the majority of us (and you who worry about their size) do not.

I had my doubts when I first heard about the signings this summer, I’ve said it before, but I hadn’t really watched them play much. Now that I have I understand.

Maybe we should all watch what they do on the ice instead of worrying about inches and feet.

Waddaya say?

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