Some bright spots this week

Montreal Canadiens v Phoenix Coyotes

So far this week we have 1 win and one loss.

The problems this season seem to go from a game with some bad defense to a good defensive game with bad a offensive game. Is this a really big problem yet? Is it time to wave the white flag?

It’s a consistency problem. But I don’t think it’s huge yet. No white flags here.

The Montreal Canadiens this week have played some decent hockey. Against the Calgary Flames they allowed 31 shots on goal and shot a total of 25. The offense couldn’t get a goal and maybe one the of the best (Kiprusoff) had something to do with it. Montreal only allowed 1 goal against the Flames.

Against the Coyotes each team had 20 shots on goal. The Canadiens won this game 4-2 and I don’t think Carey Price could be faulted for either goal. The first goal came as Price was hit in the throat/face area by Paul Mara’s stick knocking him down…. and the second goal went in deflected from a Phoenix player’s skate.

Although some may think I’m a hater when it comes to Marc-Andre Bergeron I don’t think I am. But so far this season I’m not sure his positives had outweighed his negatives.

On thursday night against the Coyotes I can say that his positives did outweigh his negatives. Bergeron finished the game with 2 assists and 1 goal. He had 3 shots on goal and played a total of 17:15. I noticed at least one defensive laps on his part… but overall a much better game for him.

Bergeron handled the puck well on offense and that’s where he can be effective.

Tomas Plekanec continues to be a shining light on the team. He had a 3 point game on thursday and nearly scored a short handed goal.

I think so far Plekanec is making the case for a contract extention. I would not like seeing him go for nothing like we’ve seen with some of our other guys the last few years. Tomas is having a bounce back year and he’s playing with more of an edge then we’ve seen from him. Keep it up Tomas!

There are a few positives to draw from… and as I finish writing these words we’re only about an hour away from the puck drop vs the Nashville Predators.

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