Guillaume Latendresse traded to the Wild for Benoit Pouliot

Colorado Avalanche v Montreal Canadiens

Mon Guillaume was probably the guy… or at least one of the guys who was almost always brought up in some kind of media reports.

One part of fans and media may have thought that Guillaume hadn’t been given a fair shot… and others thought that he had been given a shot.

In my opinion, from what I saw and heard this season, I thought a message was sent to Guillaume when the Canadiens signed him to a 1 year deal.

But I don’t think the message passed to him was all negative. Of the players that Jacques Martin met with in the off season, Guillaume was one of them. And through camp and the start of the year, I remember hearing Martin talk about what he wanted and what he expected out of Guillaume… on the top lines.

I believe there was definitely a spot for him to win. And maybe that is exactly what the problem was. Maybe Guillaume didn’t take the spot that was there for him.

It’s all “maybe this”, “maybe that”… but one thing is for sure. For such a young player, Guillaume’s numbers weren’t horrible… but the expectations put on his shoulders seemed to quickly outweigh what he brought.

A couple of the areas that Guillaume had been asked to work on was his skating and his positioning… Martin had wanted him to be around the front of the net alot more… if memory serves… I seem to remember Guillaume even mentioning Holmstron as an example of what his role could (or should) be.

Well, he certainly didn’t play like Holmstron. If he had he probably wouldn’t have been traded.

Anyways, I’ve always wanted Guillaume to succeed. I thought it was great for him and the organization when they drafted him and I had always hoped he’d blossom into one of their leaders.

It didn’t happen.

Guillaume, if you happen to read this. I wish you the very best man. You’ll have less media frenzy to deal with and maybe the fresh start will be good for you.

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