Happy 100th to the Montreal Canadiens!

Today marks the 100 year anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens. There are many, many, many, many things that could be written about the 100 years that have gone by. Great hockey legends and hockey moments…. dynasties the likes will never been seen again.

The Montreal Canadiens certainly have an incredibly rich tradition and huge fan base…

Richard Riot Aftermath

The Habs have seen many Stanley cups, many awards, many players come and go… the Habs have seen great celebratory parades and have also seen some riots… who could forget the passion and anger shown at the suspension of the Rocket on March 18th 1955….

The list of great players who’ve suited up and played in Montreal is about a mile long. The Rocket, Belliveau, Morenz, Robinson, Harvey…. there is a treasure of information over at the http://ourhistory.canadiens.com/home website.

I remember being a young kid in the early 80s and watching the Habs play their local rival Québec Nordiques…. the passion, the brawls… memories that will be with me forever. I remember going to my grand fathers place and watching several games there on his small tv.

Back in 1993 I remember the Canadiens having to face those same Nordiques who had a host of great young players… the series started badly, but the Habs got hot and rode it for the entire playoffs… winning their 24th cup. The stars just seemed to align…

There are many fond memories of watching the 80s teams…. Mats Naslund was one of my favorites as well as Gainey… cup in ’86 and the finals in ’89.

I want to keep this short… so… Happy Birthday my beloved Montreal Canadiens!!

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens

2009 Montreal All-Star Game Historical Sites

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