Stop the hate

Rapper Xzibit wears a Haters make me famous shirt as he wait for his ride outside Chateau Marmont

I thought that it would stop. I really did.

In Montreal, with the Canadiens, we really have had a luxury. The last couple of years we’ve seen 2 (count em! 2!) budding young goaltenders who have both shown flashes of brilliance in their careers.

But it almost seems like there are some fans who support one and not the other. This I cannot comprehend.

I’ve noticed it alot less on Twitter. Alot less. Especially lately.

And it’s cool to have your favorite. It’s normal to have a player or more that you find entertaining…. and cheer for.

But personally, I don’t understand why everytime the Montreal Canadiens announce their starting goaltender on Facebook you’ll see about 200-300 negative comments. Saying a guy sucks or the team’s management or coaching sucks or “we’re gonna loose”… or whatever… this to me goes beyond voicing your preference for one of the goaltenders.

I’m a Habs fan. Have always been. Will always be. I don’t jump bandwagons.

While certain players have really frustrated me on the ice or if some coaching/management decisions have left me wondering,  I still don’t find it necessary to talk against the team. I just don’t. And you never know just who will read your comment… that is saved in some database on a server in a building somewhere out there…. possibly to be found and read.

Check out Patrick Roy’s first 3 full seasons in the NHL and compare them to BOTH Halak and Price. Now, some of you might want to argue, different times… different teams… sure. They were. So were the years that Roy was stealing games left, right and center.

The point is. Jaroslav Halak and Carey Price and 2 very good assets for an NHL team to have. There is no question.

Stop the hate.

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