Tonight : Operation fight for a playoff spot

Montreal Canadiens v Tampa Bay Lightning

With only 2 games left in the season the Habs play the Carolina Hurricanes tonight. Carolina is usually a very strong foe against the Canadiens and I except that it will be no different tonight.

While Montreal is still sitting in 6th place in the Eastern conference with only these 2 games left (Hurricanes and the Leafs) it’s still not a sure bet.

And you know what, I don’t like that.

The Habs could’ve clinched the playoff spot in the last 2 games but instead wilted away to loose both games. Watching the team this year it’s been hard to really get a sense of who this group is and what they can accomplish. Primarily because most of the lineup has been injured for several weeks at one point or another.

But something that has happened quite a bit is this wilting away in the 3rd period. I find it quite frustrating and I can only imagine that the players do to. I’m not sure why exactly, honestly I can only speculate because I’m a fan and not in the team’s system.

But, it seems to me that our dear Habs try to sit on a lead far too often. Usually a small lead… and maybe even trying to sit on it too early in the game. Now, there are exceptions…. just go back to the buffalo game in march (I believe) where the Habs had a small cushion… only to have the Sabres score some quick goals and blow the whole thing up.

I don’t think I’m the only one, in fact I know I’m not, to notice that there seems to be quite a lack of killer instinct on this team. Again, I’m just a fan looking at this team that I’ve always followed. But I question the coaching strategy a bit. End of games…. no time outs at crucial times…. and just trying to play trap.

I’m watching this game tonight, and if there’s one thing I want to see…. it’s a team that wants it…. a team that’s hungry for this win…. a team that will not sit back on a small lead and try to make it through the finish line…. but a team that will do a little “kick ‘em when their down”… .and score more goals….. hopefully gain some confidence and win by more then 1 goal while being outshot……

Have I said enough?

That’s what I’m looking for tonight.

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