Finding reasons that don’t exist why the Caps lost to the Habs

Montreal Canadiens v Washington Capitals - Game Seven

I found an article and thought it quite interesting. The writer of this article claims that the Caps eventually lost the series because of that goal that was not allowed. In fact, looking at the picture within the very article I’m drawn to Knuble’s skate positioned just in the crease… and if any of you saw the replay last night his skate did in fact go into the crease and obstruct the goaltender’s ability to move.

Knuble is quoted in the article as saying:

“That’s a violation that hasn’t been called all year,”

Well, unfortunately he’s partly right. I’ve seen many goals scored where a team was running the net. I remember one goal in particular where Price was basically pushed into the net while trying to grab the puck…. the puck sliding in with him. I think it may actually have been Ovechkin who had scored that goal. But because it wasn’t called everytime doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right call.

The Canadiens won 3 of 4 games in Washington. And they just as easily could have won game 2 were it not for a meltdown.

Here’s another interesting quote by the author of the article “Brad Watson is the referee who murdered the Caps’ playoff chances”.

With all due respect, I totally disagree. Blaming the referee like that is a cop out.

I’ve watched alot of hockey this year. I’ve missed very few Habs games and I’ve watched hours of other teams playing. There are calls in every game that are questionable. Just think back to game 6… 3 diving calls? Really? A little absurd. But, in the heat of the action the referees try to keep the control of the game… they don’t want things to get out of hand. And you’ll get a bad call.

But I still think that call on the goal was the right one. They showed the replays, they repeated what the rule states. There you have it.

Now, check out what the Capital’s owner Ted Leonsis had to say.. I’m sure he watched those same games that I and the writer of the aforementioned article watched.

“They played committed hockey, they sacrificed, and they out worked us. I have never seen better D and more blocked shots in a playoff series. I think they blocked as many shots as we took last night. Another stat I had never seen before.” – Ted Leonsis

“They took advantage of breaks and they scored on their power play opportunities. We didn’t.” – Ted Leonsis

For anyone who would like to read Mr Leonsis’s article, please do so by clicking here.

When it boils down to it, the Habs just seemed to want it that much more. They worked very hard at clogging passing and shooting lanes…. and really ramped up their penalty killing. I think the Capitals were really taken by surprise. And it’s been said before…. championships are won with defense…..

I think the author is quite correct when he says that “it’s a bitter pill to swallow” for the Capitals. But it’s much deeper then that one call in that one game.

The Canadiens did what they needed to do in order to win. Not in 1 game, not by chance or by luck…. but over 7 games they chased the puck in the corners, made simple plays to move the puck out of their zone, blocked too many shots to count, clogged the shooting and passing lanes….

Bottom line, I think Mr Leonsis’s evaluation was a bit more true then the author of the following article. After all, the Montreal Canadiens did win a 7 game series against the league’s best offensive team. I think they deserve a little credit….. don’t you?

A response to: The goal that should have been: Caps loss a fraud

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