For those of you who riot while fans celebrate in Montreal

I just wanted to write a few words here to you who so choose to riot and loot downtown Montreal whenever the Habs win or loose. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to matter to you folk whether it’s a win or a loss… just seems that you’re filled with fervor to get out there and break stuff.

You see… in life people tend to generalize and associate. It’s happened again and again throughout human history and for a wide variety of reasons it will continue to happen. Sometimes when these generalized associations happen you get lumped into a category or into an idea by the person or group of people doing the associating.

Get it?

So yesterday on CNN Rick Sanchez’s show they showed and he talked about your looting and your seeming love of wrecking your own downtown businesses.

Rick Sanchez refers to the fans here… “they”… etc.
Click here to see the footage

The point of this is not to criticize Rick Sanchez. Not at all. He’s reporting what he’s seeing in the everyday news media fashion we see.

What the point here is folks, is I’ve been associated with you looters. Because I’m a fan of one of the most storied franchises in sports history. Le CH. Les Canadiens. The Habs. The Montreal Canadiens.

I don’t really care for being associated with you folks who go out and loot your own downtown community whether your team looses or wins. You make every honest, passionate Habs fan look bad.

A friend of mine, Josh who happens to be a Leaf’s fan and does a great job in video work, made this little parody NHL commercial because of what he saw.

Thanks for the video Josh!

So in the end, I just wanted to say that by you’re actions you’ve made some of us look like you did by association in some people’s minds and in the media.

And you acted like shitheads.

Support your team. Support your community and your local businesses. Don’t destroy them.

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