Big new of the day… bye bye Jaroslav Halak

Montreal Canadiens' Jaroslav Halak skates off the ice during a break in play against the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 5 of their NHL Eastern Conference final hockey series in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 24, 2010. REUTERS/Mike Segar (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT ICE HOCKEY)

I was stunned to see the news come and go. Jaroslav Halak traded to the St Louis Blues!?!?!?!

It had been my hope that Gauthier try to keep both young goaltenders, but in all actuality I figured the chances of that happening were quite low.

Halak had played second fiddle to Price for some time despite showing that he certainly could play and play well. Not sure if Halak had wanted out of Montreal although I wouldn’t necessarily blame him if he did.

Let’s remember, before everyone got on the whole “Halak” stop sign trip…. he had been in numerous trade rumors all season. And even though Carey Price took alot of heat from some fans….. it’s not that long ago that Halak was seen as quite average….. and was continually thrown into trade rumors by fans…. probably some of the very fans who voiced their opposition to this trade on Facebook and Twitter.

Imagine that.

Being a GM…. it would be a hell of a job. Especially in hockey mad Montreal. I’m not sure if I’ll like this deal… but no one really can.

Trading a young guy for another young guy or two…. it’s a crap shoot. There are no guarantees as much as we’d like to think there are.

Halak could go on to be a top notch goaltender. He could. At the same time folks, Carey Price could also go on to be a top notch goaltender for many years. Yes…. he could as well. There are NO GUARANTEES. At the end of the day, a GM (Pierre Gauthier) has to pick one moving forward and stick with his choice.

Gauthier managed to get a good prospect in Lars Eller. How many of you thought that he could get a Lecavalier for Halak? Alot of people voice pretty strong words…. I was on facebook when the news broke…. (yeah, I appologize to my twitter friends… I find it harder to take time away from twitter when I get on there)….

A young restricted free agent goaltender who will certainly demand a raise…. and you’ve got another young talented goaltender waiting in the shadow of this season…. probably wanting a raise. Pretty hard to keep both and build your team up front.

Do I like this trade?

I don’t know. Honestly. I watch and follow the habs alot. But I’m not a GM. And I’m not about to start saying that Gauthier should have gotten a top six forward…. or top centerman. Because I’m not a GM. Chances are, you’re not either. Pretty hard for us to really know what “market value” is when we’re not in the market. We can speculate. But let’s not get too carried away thinking we’d do better. Me and you, we can find out what market value is for a car…. if we go shopping around.

But if you start calling Chicago, Pittsburgh, St Louis or Detroit’s head office to try and discuss a trade for a Habs player…. will they take you seriously?

Anyways, I’ll stick with hindsight on this one. It kind of went without saying that one of the two goaltenders would be moved. So we could pretty much all see it coming…. (right?)

Remember hindsight? That terrible move that Gainey made that brought us some kid named Josh Gorges and a draft pick… some Max guy…. Yeah, that one actually worked out well. ;-)

Breath folks. Give this a chance to play out. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. This is NHL hockey, moves will always be made in an attempt to improve teams. This is one of those steps taken by Mr Gauthier.

Like it or not….. Pierre Gauthier has balls.

For that, I give him my fullest respect….. he didn’t waste time lighting a fire.

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