Do all the rumors and trash talk have an impact on your team?

SAN JOSE, CA - MARCH 04: Dan Boyle #22 of the San Jose Sharks reacts after missing a penalty shot against Carey Price #31 of the Montreal Canadiens during an NHL game at the HP Pavilion on March 4, 2010 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

This is something that’s been debated a little here and there. Do you think that all the wild trade rumors, all the crazy fan bantor where people cook up 100 different scenarios to “get rid of” or get a certain player ultimately have an impact on how players feel about playing in certain cities.

I asked myself this question a couple of times today after Tony Marino said on the Team990 that he thought it might be a possibility that people could eventually run Carey Price out of town.

Fans naturally have tons of emotion…. really, people have tons of emotion, about all kinds of stuff…. like that driver in front of you who’s driving to slow, maybe that pisses you off…. or maybe it’s the guy/gal riding your bumper.

Maybe it’s a GM who just pulled off a deal trading away your (current) favorite goaltender and you’ve just ground down all your teeth… tearing your vocal chords apart while screaming in horror.

Whatever the case may be, some people seem to be so negative. I really love following the Habs. The Montreal Canadiens have been my favorite team for as long as I can remember and I’ve never been the type of guy to jump ship.

I love listening to the Team 990 in Montreal, Marinaro, Campbell, Ross… they all do a great job. But at times when I listen to some callers…. that start with some name calling, and the continual put down of some players.. it drives me nuts. Also seeing some comments online sometimes…. it drives me nuts…. absolutely crazy.

When I try to put myself in the shoes of an NHLer, playing in a place like Montreal, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I would almost need to ignore most commentary on my profession. I think of Saku Koivu who played years in Montreal and had to put up with so much crap in papers…etc. How about when fans were booing Patrice Brisebois off the ice? I think of Carey Price right now…. it was mentioned on Tony’s show today that just talking about him brings up such a strong reaction…. and it does.

A new scientific study that was talked about today on CBC radio shows direct relation between performance/productivity and happiness at work.

Could you be happy working a job in a place where so much attention is given at crapping on you?

Really think expressing “passion” in such a negative sense could have a positive effect? I don’t think so. I think that if a guy is slumping or under performing, he likely already knows it. At least, that’s always been the case for me in my life. And when I’ve been struggling like that, beating me over the head with it didn’t seem to help.

Not being a bandwagon jumper…. I’ve always thought that it’s best to support the team no matter what. Because all those guys, they’re human too. Just like me, and just like you.

Let me be very clear, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have an opinion. Of course you should. Of course you should voice it. If I’m not sure I would have pulled off a move, I can say that. But getting to the point where it’s firestorms and people feeding each other’s fires?? A bit much.

At the end of the day folks, I’ll tell you what.

NHL players, NHL coachs, NHL GMs….. they’re doing their job.

We don’t have to like the moves the GM makes but if I, if you, if we get all “road rage” about that move or players on the roster….. then it’s time to chill, step back and count to 10.

Because like it or not, it’s entertainment for you unless they’re (NHL) paying your mortgage/rent.

Support your team and (try to) enjoy the new NHL season!

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