Sportsnet feature: Price feels right about upcoming season

Courtesy of Sportsnet

This is definitely a big season for Price. Everyone knows it.

One thing that I’m waiting to see is exactly how those “passionate” fans… you know, the ones who seem to think booing your players off the ice is gonna help somehow…. and how Price himself reacts to some of the challenges that will certainly present themselves.

There are gonna be games where the team in front of him may let a ton of shots through… again. And there are gonna be games where Price is gonna let a soft goal in… or maybe 2.

Will the fans give him a fair shake? Are they gonna jump on him in true “boo bird” fashion when he plays a bad game? Might they even blame him for a loss where the team lets him face…. say 45 shots…. and only manage 20-ish shots on their opponents? (happened last year)

How is Carey’s confidence gonna hold?

Price, in my opinion, is one heck of a talented goaltender. He’s got loads of natural skill, size… he’s won at every level. He’s got all the tools.

If the boo birds flock to the bell center with regularity this season, how will Price react?

I’m hoping he’s given a fair shot. Yeah, people can voice their displeasure but getting on a guy who’s playing on your team repeatedly… just remember what they did to Brisebois (like him or not), probably did nothing to improve the moral not only of the player but the entire team.

I’m with ya Carey. Hope you have a strong season.

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