Can the real boo-birds please stand up?

I did enjoy the pre-season game between the Habs and Bruins tonight. I was totally pumped up to see some hockey again. Seeing the Habs team and all the young guys hanging around for a couple of games.

Lot’s of positives by the young players tonight.

Something that sickens me is the cheers that Carey Price got in warm up turned to boos quickly.

Honestly people, I don’t understand your reasoning at all. If you’re all drunk, then yeah, maybe that’s an excuse although it’s a terrible one.

I understand you’re buying tickets, that you may be buying merchandise. I understand that some of you may love hockey. But I really do not understand your reasoning in booing a member of “you’re team” (and I use that term incredibly lightly here) and ridiculing him when he touches the puck.

I have no idea how that would have any positive impact on a team you profess to be a fan of. These hockey players, they are people… just like you. Maybe a few hundred people should follow you into your work place and just get on your back while you work…. or maybe your co-workers already do that.. who knows?

Last season Halak became the guy in the stretch. And people would boo Price… which I didn’t understand then. But, ok, you’re voicing your desire for the other goaltender.

But, now… here we are, game 1 of the Pre-Season… a game where the rust will just fall off a bit… a game that means nothing… and that other guy who some professed to love… well he’s gone!

On twitter it was said that many fans didn’t like the Halak trade. I know many fans didn’t like the Halak trade. I myself would have preferred to have both goaltenders in Montreal. But we don’t get everything we want. And there’s a possibility that Eller and Shultz turn out to be players for years to come.

Still, what would that have to do with Price? Price didn’t trade Halak.

It just seems (likely because it is) classless to get on a guy like that. One period into the pre-season.

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