Back to reality : Habs Crunch Time!

Montreal Canadiens - by RicLaf, on Flickr

Photo by RicLaf, on Flickr

With all that all-star game “fun” out of the way it’s back to the grind… back to the final push towards the end of year funneling process. Playoff time!

But before we get to the playoff funneling process…. there’s another step or hill to climb.

Trade deadline day.

Now I have to admit that I do enjoy this time of year… when it’s quite apparent that (more) literally every game counts and GMs start getting in tactical positions to improve their team for the playoffs. Mind you, while some moves are made it’s always debatable if they’ve actually improved their team or not. Not every move, but some moves aren’t always looking as good on the ice as they did on paper.

This year the Canadiens are in a more favorable position then they were last year and if they manage to stay away from any more major injuries I suspect they’ll make it in the playoffs.

Trade deadline day… I expect to be watching closely, not just the habs, but the entire NHL to see just how the season ending “trading frenzy” turns out. And I’m thinking that this year I’d like to see one move in particular.

One criticism that has always been made has been the lack of size up front in the Habs lineup. They’ve got lot’s of speed and puck moving ability but they’ve always lacked “the power forward”. It’s true that Pacioretty’s recent arrival gives them a bit of a bigger more physical body up front and this year since coming up he does look like he belongs but I wouldn’t expect that he’ll ever turn out to be the type of power forward I’d like to see.

We’ve heard several people in medias and blogs, twitter and facebook…. talk about getting that “big center”. In fact… not so long ago the rumor that wouldn’t die was “Lecavalier is coming to Montreal!”. Anyone remember that? And please, let’s not start that again…. enough.

While the big center would be a great thing to land in Montreal, I’m starting to think I’d be very happy landing a big winger. My first preference would be a really big strong guy with good hands and a real mean streak….. but I’m gonna drop one of those characteristics and suggest who I would try.

Dustin Penner.

I’m sure some of you have heard this scenario and some may agree or disagree. But he fits in my eyes. Really big and strong and does have decent hands to put the puck in the net. The only thing I wouldn’t say he has is that real mean streak. But I can live with that.

Having a guy like Penner live in front of opposing goaltenders would open up a bit more room offensively for smaller line mates to move more freely.

What do you think? Not those Lecavalier rumors again please…


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