New Year ahead, hopeful for Erik Cole

We’re July 16th as I write this. We’ve gone through the draft and the “Free Agent Frenzy”. We’ve seen the Montreal Canadiens spend a few bucks and the NHL spend a bunch more.

I’m generally an optimist. Gotta be.

In years past there were some things that I didn’t like… like say the constant line juggling that we saw just a few years ago and some signings. I mean, honestly when the Habs first signed Hal Gill, I wasn’t sure how to feel because I could get past his former Leafs and Bruins jerseys… ;-) (I think Gill is a valuable asset today, not only on the ice but in the room from what we hear)

When Gauthier was hired, I didn’t know what to think. I was somewhat pessimistic.

But going into the fall this year I’m satisfied with what he’s done. I think Gauthier has done a decent job. Sure, someone can can point at a deal or two they don’t like or that may not have turned out 100%. But I’m not convinced it’s so different on many a team. Trades and drafts are sometimes a crap shoot. It’s like rolling the dice sometimes.

One move that I liked was the addition of Erik Cole.

When people talk about UFAs and over payment, it’s a given that UFAs are getting a pay day. Multiple teams trying to get in on signing players…. it’s a bidding war. It is what it is.

I’m looking forward to see Cole in a Habs uniform. As many have said, he just may be the power forward that the team’s been lacking for a number of years. He also may be a great mentor for Max Pacioretty.

When I think of the forwards I do think he may be a great compliment. Plekanec, Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri…. speedy guys, they can move the puck…. if Cole becomes an annoyance in the crease of the opposing teams it should give these guys more room to move the puck. And Cole has the hands to score some goals. Habs fans know that all to well.

Plus, he loves playing in Montreal. He’s mentioned that he loves the atmosphere. He’s always been the villain. Now he can be the hero. I think he’ll love it… and that’s an other important aspect of the move. He knows that it’s a media frenzy. ;-)

I’m pumped up for training camps to start…. pre-season and the new season.

Here’s a couple of shorts vids of Erik meeting the media in Montreal.

Go Habs Go!

Erik meeting some new fans

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