Remember the Habs biggest comeback in history?

This is one of the reasons I love hockey. I mean, this kind of thing doesn’t happen every night. But, on any given night, you can be down a couple of goals…. and your team can catch fire. It can, and sometimes does, change fast.

I remember watching this game and when the N.Y. Rangers were up 3-0, 4-0…. 5-0!!! I was demoralized. I was going to turn off the game but I generally always watch every game start to finish no matter what. On this night I did and I went from demoralized to amazed.

It seemed as though “it all went right” for the Rangers for the first half of the game and it just totally switched.

I figured Michael Ryder looked like he could have scored 10 goals in that second half. It was amazing to watch. I also remember that Kovalev goal where he falls to the ice with legs in the air. (Check out Scott Gomez playing for NY)

Classic moment in NHL hockey and a historic game. Coming back from a 5-0 deficit is no light task.

You remember this one?

Watching this video, my memories and even emotions come back…. pretty neat.

What do you remember most about this one?

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