Encouragement and the not so encouraging


To start, I would really like to say that I’m all optimistic and all is well. But I’m not sure that’s the case. At the same time, I really don’t think anyone should go so far as through the season down the tubes after 5 whole games.

1-3-1 start, are we done yet?

No, we’re not. We can go back many many years and look at several examples of teams who struggled out of the gates not only to land in the playoffs but some also did quite well. Anyone remember how terrible the Penguins were a few years back when they hit the half way point of a season out of the playoffs only to finish strong and win the cup??

Sure you do!

I’m not saying the Habs are going to win the cup this year. In fact, for the last 15 years or so, my gut points to Detroit as the winner. My point is it’s a long season and much can change, a quarter of the way, half way through. You get the point. However one thing is for certain. If the Canadiens do want to hit the playoffs…. well, gotta win some real soon.

But, not time to throw ‘em under the bus.

Max Pacioretty, Thank You!

Max Pacioretty is looking good out there. He seems to find the puck in front of him a lot and I like the fact that he’s shooting alot of shots on goal. The combination of Andrei Kostitsyn, David Desharnais and Max Pacioretty have looked really good out there. At times they don’t just look good but seem to dominate their opponents.

David Desharnais is a player that I enjoy watching. Going into corners and coming out with the puck against much bigger guys. Just always hustling, giving his all.

Alexei Emelin getting adjusted

At first Emelin would sometimes look out of place. The more he’s played I think he’s adjusting. One thing I do like about him is that he hits and at times hits hard. Komisarek used to give the Habs that kind of presence on defense and though Emelin is not as big he is more mobile. He seems to have good vision with some of his passing.

To start camp and the regular season it just seems to me that it’s an adjustment as the game is fast pace.

Erik Cole, we need you

When Cole was signed I thought “great, a bigger player who has a decent shot and will not only hang around the net but crash the net”. I figured that his presence in front of the net would bear fruits with some of our quick skating play makers. (Think Plekanec, Cammalleri, Gomez, Gionta)

But I’ve yet to see it. For some reason, Erik looks a little out of sync.

We need you Erik. I believe bro.

PK Subban needs to find D

One thing about Subban is that he can excite the crowd like no other. The man can skate circles around anyone and has some serious puck handling ability.

Problem is that when he’s tried to do too much and be “out there” with “carte blanch” creativity…. it’s cost the Habs in terms of goals.

The plus/minus stat is not an exact science, but for 5 on 5 play when you’re a -5, 5 games in the season then you’ve got problems.

We need you PK. But if I was coach, I’d ask you to tone it down a notch and make sure the risks aren’t too high.

Diaz and Eller

Watching Diaz last night I thought he looked good out there. He can skate, he can move the puck, he’s got a good shot and seems to have pretty good vision. Loved the patience he showed on his goal last night.

3 games in Lars Eller doesn’t have a goal and coming off injury, this is his training camp. But he’s looking good out there. Seems strong on the puck, can pass….. give him a bit and he’ll find the back of the net and get some assists.

I’m sure someone out there is still bitter about the Halak trade but so far the trade isn’t as one sided as some believed. Halak has been far from stellar in St Louis and the way Eller looks as a 22 year old NHLer in his 2nd second season makes me think we’ve got a good player on our hands.

We’re 5 games in. Bring on the Pens!

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