Scott Gomez Scores and I celebrated with a bowl of lucky charms

Seriously. I’m happy Scott finally scored one. I was kind of disgusted when RDS’s show AntiChambre had his face on a bottle of Ketchup.

It’s been quite a year for Gomez. I can relate in a way. Last couple of years have been years of transition for me and I’m quite happy to be where I am now.

In fact, along with Gomez’s return to the score sheet…. it’s really long overdue for me to get back to some of what I enjoyed in life.


Sharing ideas and/or comments about the Habs.

This is my new beginning. And I believe this is yours too Scott.

And honestly, just before Gomez scored, I was going to fill up my cereal bowl with some lucky charms. My daughter’s cereal, but I’m known to eat some on occasion.

So, this a mere coincidence?? Or some galactic mystery??

Maybe a bit of both. But for now, Habs win! Gomez scores!

Love him or hate him I think you have to be happy for the guy. Montreal isn’t exactly the friendliest place in Pro Hockey to hit such a slump…

Can he net another in the net couple of games??

Who knows.

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