Dear Brandon Prust, Please end the NHL Lockout!

Hey Brandon, just kidding man….

Although, if you can… we’ll all be grateful!!

Ah yes… the draft, the “UFA frenzy”… those were times of hopes and dreams for hockey fans. I remember being quite pleased learning that Prust had been signed in Montreal. Also thought it was a nice surprise to see Francis Bouillon back in a Habs uniform. Only problem is, there is no season for them to play in!

While this lockout goes on, I’m happy to have some great local hockey to give some attention to. Junior and University hockey is great.

As I believe I mentioned on Twitter one day, I was intending to give you (NHL) some $$ for NHL Game Center… I loved it a couple of years back scouting teams before they would play the Habs. And of course, you can go back and re-watch.

But, as this lockout continues, my budget for this may go somewhere else. I read of “optimism” that a deal can get done sooner than later, but I can’t escape a gut feeling that it’s gonna be long and possibly last the year. Players signed over seas right away, the language from the NHL and the NHLPA…etc.

So… back to the hopes and dreams of the season… and to the (still) newly acquired Hab Brandon Prust (new because he hasn’t had a chance to play a game!).

Here was an interview shortly after the signing.

Hope to see you play soon Brandon!!


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