The more unfortunate cost of the NHL lockout

So, we’ve now got some regular season games that have passed us by. Sportsnet have put together an “NHL Lockout Clock”. (I think it’s a good idea to put the $$ in context… good job Sportsnet)

It’s interesting because this gives numbers and puts it in a certain context with the players lost salaries in mind….

While this is interesting, it’s not really what I think of when I think of the lockout. Yes, some of these guys are gonna make a lot less money. The owners will lose their money.

But, the real losers in this lockout are all of the people who have blue collar jobs in the arenas, in the offices, in the restaurants…etc, etc, etc… Also take into account the fringe NHLers who feel it more and the other guys over in Europe and the other leagues that have their jobs “vacated” because of this lockout. A Millionaires union fighting with Billionaires.

How could you calculate this in the same context of the “NHL Lockout clock”?

These people, the blue collar folks, who work in the restaurants, arenas, front offices, media outlet workers… haven’t made a million or 5 for the last few years. They probably resemble the people who we see everyday, who work for their average (some to lower I’m sure) wage and live pay check to pay check or a little better than that.

These are the people who aren’t able to work steady hours or face layoffs. Who will have a harder time to pay their bills and feed their families.

I just wanted to write these few words. When we talk about feeling the pinch. It’s not the players or the owners. It’s these people, the everyday folks like you and me who are the casualty of this war. There are so many people who feel this much more than either of the parties involved.

I love the sport of hockey. I’ve been a fan of the NHL for a long time. But this lockout is so not necessary.

There is a ton of great hockey out there. And so far, I’m sorry, but I don’t miss you. From Jr A, to Major Junior hockey, to University hockey.

Best of luck to you, the owners and the players. This is not a poke at you. We would all have a hard time dividing this $$ you’re fighting about. So, this isn’t a poke at you…. but this is some of truth about your squabble.

Get it together. And fix your league.

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