Welcome back Mr Subban!

Welcome back PK!

Now that the contract thing is behind he and Mr Bergevin, I hope the rust falls off and he can integrate successfully with the team.

Reading articles and twitter I find there’s a bit of a mixed reaction on PK.

Personally, I think when PK said it was partially a “business decision”, he was just being honest. Because that is exactly what it is on both sides. Seems as though we have to see it as such. We, as fans, feel strong loyalty to our favorite teams. Many of us are die hards and won’t jump ship because of a few bad games, years or a decade. (Yes… that’s right.)

But once you lace ‘em up and play for big bucks, get yourself an agent… you better believe you’re in the business. It is on a very rare occasion someone signs somewhere for less because you grew up a “(insert team here)” fan.

PK Subban as a CTV Weatherman

PK Subban as a CTV Weatherman

So PK can now put on the gear and do what he does best…. and while he did this fairly well… hockey is what I’m actually talking about.

This is a great opportunity for both. PK needs to try and re-integrate and win the confidence of his team mates.

Subban gets a well deserved raise and although he doesn’t get the big $$$$ $$ $$ $…. he does get a substantial raise with which any man could live well for long if they are reasonable and wise.

Marc Bergevin stands his ground and doesn’t bend with a long contract with major dollars attached.

I love that Bergevin stood his ground and I also love that the team got off to a good start without PK.

With Subban back in the mix the Habs are that much stronger.

There are 2 scenarios with this contract that I think is favorable. Had it gone the other way… there were other possibilities that could have been bad, maybe even for both parties.

The long term big dollar deal. How many players have we seen cash in the last several years and then see their production decline steadily?? This not only frustrates the fans but it can handcuff the team and weaken them long term. Like paying someone top dollar limiting the salary you can pay his surrounding cast and making a deal near impossible.

This 2 year deal I like. I don’t think anyone thought PK shouldn’t get a raise. Obviously, he should. This deal gives him a raise and also gives incentive. If he performs well and shows that he is a great team asset he will get the big pay day. Give a proven player top dollar.

This type of deal gives Bergevin more assurance to pay top dollar and it also is a contract that is movable if issues arise.

Let me make my opinion clear… I hope no issues arise and that PK plays well for the Habs for years to come. 

That’s where I stand.

I saw that because it’s always a possibility that a player be moved. And if you’ve got a contract and numbers like Gomez had, or several of the deal that Mr Ferguson made for the Leafs several years back….. then you’re handcuffed and will struggle to improve or change your team.

It’s all business really.

Glad it’s settled.

Welcome back PK! Go get ‘em! Hope you wear the jersey with pride for years to come.

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