Lars Eller and the Canadiens face the Leafs for Hockey day in Canada

Lars Eller has been a different player of late and as he mentions in this interview he thinks the Leafs will be feeling that the Montreal Canadiens are a different team.

No doubt the core of this team is much much different and they are much tougher physically. They also have some flashes of offense by the young guns (Gallagher and Galchenyuk) as well as the guys like Plekanec and Markov.

But the team still needs to work through some hiccups. Having lost the lead in a few games.

Although sometimes losing 2 games in a row tugs at confidence (especially in the world of the hockey fan) there are some really nice positives going on on this team.

They are harder to play against. Prust called it last fall and for his part, it’s being delivered. Prust has looked good out there with the 2 kids. I love this line. And just for the sake of throwing it out there, Galchenyuk is +7, Gallagher is +6 and Prust is +5. They are the 3 leaders on this Habs team in plus/minus.

Yeah, the plus/minus stat isn’t the gospel when it comes to how strong players are while on the ice, but at first glance at the numbers and if you’ve watched the line play… they are usually giving their share of grief to their opponents.

Healthy Markov has shown his stuff. After that first game of the season it almost seemed that Markov could do no wrong!! He’s definitely one of the smartest players on the ice and when he’s on his game, he’s still one of the best.

Subban is back on the team. Subban isn’t just back, but it appears he’s back on the team. I’m not an “insider”, but from what I’ve read and seen he is winning the respect of his team mates. His skill on the ice will help the Canadiens both on the power play and on 5 on 5. It’s nice to see that rocket of a shot back there!

Carey Price looks confident. Yeah that’s right. That guy that some people went up in arms about trading etc a couple of years ago…. Price is one of the strongest goaltenders in the league and his team will play quite confidently in front of him. A great goaltender boosts an entire team’s confidence.

Price could be one of the strongest goaltenders in the league for many years to come. And you all know that!

Let’s see how they play against the Leafs tonight! Will Lars Eller be used more offensively? Will Max Pacioretty score his first goal of the season and open the “flood gates”???

Will Dion Phaneuf give up the puck at the blue line because of a bad pinch?? (sure he will, let’s not kid ourselves)

Will there be free wings given to hungry fans??

Time will tell.

Go Habs Go!

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